Chimps are not “transformed”: by their capacity to crack nuts with rocks; they will never invent nutcrackers; they are simply animals who have learned to use rocks to eat nuts, for millions of years probably. The only one who’s been transformed by their habit is Jane Goodall. Sorry Dr Goodall, but if my refutation of your conclusion is correct, and I am sure it is, it has to be exposed as false, since your mistaken identification of chimps to us because they use “tools” has been detrimental to humanity, since we are mental entities as different from animals as our everyday reality is from quantum reality. And because of this fact, which I will expose in my dissertation, your “findings” have had many adverse implications on our social and scientific capacities to formulate our present existential problems in solvable terms. Disturbing implications which I cannot “describe” until I formulate my theory of universal evolution in which humans are not seen as “other animals,” but as an emergent class of mental beings antithetical to the animal dimension. We are to the animal world what matter is to energy and life to matter,
“It is the theory that describes what we can observe.” Einstein

And in this, I am in good company. My theory is as revolutionary to our understanding of human nature as General Relativity was to our understanding of space-time and gravitation. Indeed, Universal Evolution, by providing a material explanation of consciousness, opens to specialized scientists the road to the unification of quantum mechanics and classical physics,* —among many other new avenues of research.

“Roger Penrose, a mathematical physicist at Oxford University, believes that if a “theory of everything” is ever developed in physics to explain all the known phenomena in the universe, it should at least partially account for consciousness.”Why Great Minds Can’t Grasp Consciousness

Mind you; my theory also shows Einstein to be wrong and for the same type of reasons about space and time, as I have shown Goodall to be, and as I will show Noam Chomsky to be also. But, in this latter case, it will be short and easy, after the concise explanation that I gave of our unique relation to space and time. I hope you get the idea why I dare compare myself to Einstein who said that: “It is the theory that describes what we can observe.”

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Of course, this refutation of the use of “tools” in chimps is also valid for all other animals that use “objects.” Indeed, if elaborate sets of “gears” could evolve in jumping insects by “chance and necessity,” without these gears being “tools.” Or proteins evolved to carry waste materials out of cells (see below), without them being conscious transporters. It is entirely possible that some similar evolutionary mechanisms have worked in crows and other animals to develop in them some unconscious “abilities to use objects.”

What differentiates us is the capacity that we have evolved to “objectify” reality in space and time, which has given use the ability to create tools out of materials found in our environment. Contrary to animals that use objects already present in their surroundings as “biologic extensions of themselves,” without having developed the conscious ability to refine them. Maybe some of them did it to some degrees, we don’t know, at least I don’t, but never like this:

source I added the rocket to the source.

However, it is this “progressive behaviour” of ours that has become an anomaly of evolution, because of our misunderstanding of its evolutionary meaning in time. As the anomalous behaviour of the planets were due to our misunderstanding of our true place in space.

As the planets were still moving in retrograde motions but were not anomalies anymore once we understood that we were not at the centre of the universe. Very similarly, but antithetically, once you, whoever you are, will have learned how your misunderstanding of where we stand in evolution affects your personal behaviour or your theories, you will still be an anomaly of evolution, but will have gained the motivation to “consciously” use your personal resources for the benefit of our species, in a context of sustainability (survival), instead of using them for your own benefits, in a context of progress.

Here, I must say that I am perfectly aware that I am “generalizing” and that there are many generous people in the world. However, I must also remind you that “the road to hell is paved with good intention,” and that, for the honest observers among us at least, it is well on its way to being completed and carrossable… Forty years ago, I never thought that it would come that fast. I was still thinking in terms of centuries. I was then already aware that we needed to regulate progress somehow, but PCs which have the power of accelerating everything were not yet in the picture.
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Maja, in Jacques Attali,s L’Anti économquec, 1975

If I mention “you” instead of “we,” here, it is because that I already know what is this “original fallacy” that we made about our relation to reality in space, and later to evolution in time. And you don’t. And that I have myself intentionally start to work independently for the survival of our species, forty years ago when I came in contact with this Maja’s caricature, five years after a deep “secular” meditative experience about our standing in the universe.

And if you ask me to tell you what is the content of this meditative experience, I will retort that I cannot reveal it until I expose my theory, after I succeeded in preparing your minds to be receptive to what will be a human paradigm shift utterly incommensurable with everything you know personally. And it is not that what you know is irrelevant; everything you presently know will have the potentiality of being relevant, but only when you willingly use it in the context our survival, which is entirely different than the historical context of progress in which you see yourself presently.

What I can tell you about this experience of “secular” meditation that I had at 25 about energy, and the dream that I made five years later about the true nature of time is that those personal experiences are to my theory of “universal evolution,” what Einstein’s thought experiment he made at 16 was to his theory of special relativity.

However, this “scientific” discovery that I have made about our actual place in “universal evolution” is the antithesis of “normal” scientific discoveries. While these discoveries are firstly made and understood by few individuals before being accepted as undeniable truth and put to use collectively for the benefit of progress. The “extraordinary” (in Thomas Kuhn’s sense) discovery that I have made will have to be understood and accepted simultaneously by everybody at different levels of understanding and individually put to use for the benefit of our survival, in conjunction to everybody as in a single individual. That is the reason it took me so long to formulate my findings, and why the Internet will be essential to broadcast what will be if I am right, and I know that I am, a “second” Copernican revolution showing the true nature of space-time and our real place in it.