Trump is Still in His Terrible-Two Phase of Psychological Development

“He [Trump] has turned a career potholed with bankruptcies into a business empire.

It’s almost genius.” Jessica Wildfire

My commant:

Donald Trump is a real genius but a lost cause.

Trump is still in his “terrible-two phase of psychological development, not having yet developed the “theory of mind” needed to get out of it.
This theory, which we have to develop individually with the help of our social surroundings, around the age of three, gives us the ability to attribute to others mental states such as beliefs, intents, desires, emotions, and knowledge.
Trump has not yet gone through this psychological development stage, probably because of a “precocious awareness” of the power his dad’s money gave him.
Thus, this precocity would have been the first sign of his “genius” for winning at any cost and the reason he does not have any empathy.