Below you will find a comment that I made to HadesIX to his answer to my question:

If all the universe’s energy was created at the Big Bang and nothing has been destroyed or created since, how can the same energy be both present at the creation of the cosmic wave signals and billions of years apart at their receptions?

My comment:


Where to start?

First I would like to thank you. Your comments will be helpful to the learned-ignorant “extraordinary” scientist that I am (in Kuhn’s sense).

Here are a few assertions that will tell you who I am:

“In its broad or global sense, idealism is the metaphysical doctrine that the ultimate nature of the universe is mental rather than material, or alternatively, that concrete truths about the universe are grounded in mental rather than physical facts.“ Roberto Horácio de Sá Pereira

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy frequency and vibration.” Nikola Tesla

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of [information] frequency and vibration.” (My version)

“In the beginning was the String, and the String was with the Singularity, and the String was the Singularity.” John 1:1 (Idem)

As regards the “singularity” and the “normal” scientists’ effort to figure out its size, as you mention, it does not make sense to me to try since space did not exist yet…and still does not, not any more than the crystalline spheres, the ether, the spacetime continuum, or the fields.

While doing so (discussing the size of the nascent universe), cosmologists remind me of scholastics discussing among themselves the number of angels fitting on tips of needles-or castaways stranded in spacetime, indeed:

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It is your telling me that cosmologists tried the size of a basketball or a person that reminded me of the movie Castaway.

The singularity was an original principle encompassing “as information” all the universe’s possibilities. And the BB was the coming into being of eternal bits of information, the “strings,” which we eventually discovered using mathematics. However, we, unfortunately, mistook them as being “bits of energy.” They are not. They are bits of information having  no need for “branes,” “fields,” or space to vibrate since they freely propagate themselves in time, which is the main notion that needs to be redefined, as Lee Smolin already implies:

“There are few ideas that, like our notion of time, shape our thinking about literally everything, with major implications for physics and beyond—from climate change to the economic crisis.” Time Reborn, 2013

I am a 77-years-old learned-ignorant generalist outsider of science with two general BAs, and one unspecialized MA in Zoo-Socio- Anthropology. The theory that I have developed in the course of my life is based on the assumption that all that exists is “information” and that everything science uses to explain reality: space-time (QM’s passive background and GR’s active continuum) energy, gravitation, forces, and all the particles use to carry them, are fabricated and as relevant to understand reality as crystalline spheres, epicycles, and equants were to understand the true nature of the planets.

I will indeed show in my Ph.D. dissertation, which I am writing in absentia, that the reality we understand in space and time, the “phenomena” that we perceived as an “objectively conscious” species, have absolutely nothing to do with what they are in themselves, the “noumena,” to which all the other species are “entangled.” (sic)

As we had to define ourselves in terms of the planets to understand them, which is what Copernicus did at the time, we will have to define ourselves in quantum terms, to understand our true relation to the noumenal reality, which is what I will do in my dissertation. Thus its title:




Towards a Theory of Everything and A Second Scientific Revolution

As a tease, I can tell you that my theory will explain gravitation in quantum terms, why straights line become curves when time is taken into consideration, and why the renormalizations of QM and GR are plagued with infinity, among other things, and in terms of information understandable by all honest mind from 9 to 99. I am no Einstein, who said that he could explain himself to 6-years-olds.

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