Borderline insane

  • * Who wouldn’t be borderline insane, after such a bold trek among self-centered academics that no one had undertaken before? The only reason I am not completely mad is the fact that I am conscious that my disorder would have been more appropriately diagnosed if there were one named “beam and speck disorder” since in my case my doctor diagnosed me with such a disease because I tend to believe that I am right and everybody else is wrong. While in fact, it is not my problem but the problem of the world itself since it happens that in my case it is true. And there are historical antecedents. One of whom being Copernicus who all through his life knew that the earth is not at the center of the universe but couldn’t publish his De revolutionibus orbium coelestium until he was 73…on his dead bed! And so will I be (73 and hoping to go further) when I post my De evolutionibus res naturas, thus named because it will also be a Copernican revolution “in science” completing Kant’s Copernican revolution in philosophy.