Understanding “Trump” in Solvable Terms


“Agonistic behaviour is any social behaviour related to fighting. The term has broader meaning than aggressive behaviour because it includes threats, displays, retreats, placation, and conciliation.”… “Some forms of agonistic behaviour are between contestants who are competing for access to the same resources, such as food or mates.” [In the case of Trump, election.] “… it involves tests of strength or threat display that make animals look large and more physically fit, [such as Trump’s behavior displayed inThe Apprentice and during the debates] a display that may allow it to gain the resource before an actual battle takes place.” Wiki  (My bold and comments)

In social species, young males compete to establish their ranks in the hierarchy using “agonistic behavior.” When the time comes to establish a new leader, competitors do not have to fight at the risk of killing each other, which is good for survival. Their ranks in the hierarchy are already established. The leader “gain the resource before an actual battle takes place.”

Trump won the election just for being himself; it did not matter what he did, The Apprentice already made him a winner to his viewers-now-supporters’ eyes.

His role in The Apprentice is THE ONLY REASON why he has been elected and why his followers will follow him even if “he kills someone on Fifth Avenue.” The problem is that The Apprentice was an “alternate reality” produced by experts to capitalize on his dominant personality.

A dominant personality that has been subsequently built for him in the course of his life by his dad’s money, his lawyers’ legal schemes, The Apprentice producers, and finally by himself, while using the presidency’s power to propose to his eager supporters “embellished” realities promoting himself.

Trump is true to this dominant personality but unaware that it only works in”alternate realities” as those mentioned above. That is why he had to create his own as President.

Nobody else on Earth could still be in control as he seems to be after all he has done and say. (This was written during Trump’s presidency.) Too bad he cannot use his dominance in reality to fix the mess we are in at the moment!

Why not MHGA, Make Humanity Great Again?

I am an optimist. I believe that he could be a definite asset for humanity if he converts himself, along with the capitalist economy (As it has to), since he is presently the ultimate dominant person on Earth* — although the lack of empathy of both Trump and capitalism would render this “conversion” challenging.

*I can say that he is ” the ultimate dominant person on Earth” because I do not believe that nobody has invested as much time and money in such a cause.




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